Non-financial organisations conditions of participation

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Non-financial organisations conditions

We hope that charities and other non-financial organisations will participate in Good Money Week. To protect you, the general public and Good Money Week, we do require everyone to agree to the simple conditions given below.

1.I/we understand that participation under these conditions is open only to those who are not investment professionals (acting in that capacity) or financial services organisations. I/we confirm that I/we are eligible under these conditions.

2.I/we will seek to protect and enhance the good reputation of Good Money Week. I/we will ensure that all my/our Good Money Week activities and communications are legal, easily understood, clear, fair, not misleading, trying to give an accurate and balanced view and not discriminatory or offensive.

3.I/we confirm that my/our participation is in a non-business capacity, or as part of a non-profit activity for public rather than private benefit, or as an incidental activity undertaken by a non-financial services business (eg. displaying a poster in a shop; organising a briefing on ethical investment and pensions for employees) [Please contact us to discuss your involvement if none of these apply.]

4.I/we understand that only certain regulated investment professionals are allowed to give financial advice about particular investments. I/we will therefore:

  • Not recommend particular investments (eg. specific investment funds) and include appropriate disclaimers to make this clear (eg. ‘This article should not be taken as financial advice or as a recommendation of any particular company, investment or individual.’); make it clear where needed that I/we are not investment professionals.
  • Not take payment for introductions to financial advisers or others as part of Good Money Week [A local independent financial adviser or other regulated investment professional may be able to approve more detailed recommendations. If so, please make it clear who has done this.]

5.I/we will follow the Good Money Week brand guidelines on using the logos.

6.I/we will describe my involvement as as ‘supporting’ or ‘backing’ Good Money Week, not as ‘sponsor of’ or ‘sponsoring’  Good Money Week or otherwise give a potentially misleading impression of the nature of my support. I/we will ensure that any acknowledgement of external support for activities or communications (eg. sponsorship of a local event) is clearly specific to that and does not imply sponsorship of the Week as a whole.

7.I/we accept that UKSIF and any others involved in Good Money Week do not take any responsibility for any statements made by me/us during the week or for any expenses or legal liabilities incurred. I/we accept that my/our activities are not covered by any insurance held by UKSIF or others involved in the Week.

8.I/we agree to:

  • Provide reasonable information to UKSIF to enable publicity, monitoring and evaluation of Good Money Week.
  • Allow UKSIF to send me/us information about Good Money Week and green and ethical investment.
  • Withdraw from participation at any time at the request of UKSIF.

Please note: These conditions apply only to those who are not investment professionals or financial services organisations. They also apply to investment professionals acting purely in a personal and non-business capacity.