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The oekom Impact Study 2017 and the impact of Responsible Investments


oekom research


Columbia Threadneedle Investments Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street , London, London






In the summer of 2013, oekom research investigated for the first time the way in which the sustainable capital markets' demands were influencing corporate sustainability. Four years later we asked again, this time surveying more than 3,600 companies - what impact the responsible investment markets have on company sustainability management.

Quite a lot has changed - not only in regard to how companies perform in this area and their appreciation of the importance of sustainability, but also with respect to the underlying conditions and requirements resulting from standardisations, sustainability initiatives and both national and international legislation.

Sustainable capital markets have also enjoyed enormous worldwide growth and we will be hearing from leading investors on how they measure the impact of their investments.

So please join us for the presentation of the oekom Impact Study 2017 and learn how sustainability-orientated investors are influencing businesses' sustainability activities.



08:00 am

Registration/ refreshments

08:30 am

Welcome / Introduction by Iain Richards, Head of Responsible Investment, Columbia Threadneedle Investments

08:35 am

Welcome / Introduction by Robert Hassler, CEO oekom research

08:45 am

Overview of the oekom Impact Study 2017 by Jaspreet Duhra, Senior Manager Client Relations oekom research

09:15 am

Overview of the status of responsible investment and impact work by Emma Jane Joyce, Senior Manager Strategy and Responsible Investment, National Treasury Management Agency

09:25 am

Overview of the impact work of Columbia Threadneedle Investments by Iain Richards

09:45 am

Panel session / Q & A with Emma Jane Joyce, Iain Richards, TBC. Moderator: Jaspreet Duhra

10:30 am

Networking/ refreshments

11:00 am