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Good Money Week 2016 was all about Millennials!

For practical advise on debt, student loans, pensions and investment, have a look at our Guide for Young People, and take action towards making your finnaces 'Good' this Good Money Week.

Downlaod and share with your friends!




Money can be a powerful agent for change. You may not necessarily think of yourself as an investor but if you have a bank account or use any other financial product you can engage with how your money is being used.


The Life of a Fiver Download and share The Life of a Fiver for a thought-provoking look at how your money can be used.



Simple ways to get involved in Good Money Week

1. Hold a meeting or event at your campus

UKSIF would be happy to help with recommendations for speakers or email us and we will add your request to our 'Offers of Support' page

2. Help spread awareness of Good Money Week using our toolkit (currently being updated with new resources for 2016).

  • Display a banner or logo on relevant websites
  • Print and display a poster or The Life of a Fiver at your Student Union or somewhere on campus
  • Use social media such as twitter or facebook to highlight your support for the Week

Further reading and information

Your Ethical Money - Student Finance: YourEthicalMoney provides “objective, independent information on green and ethical finance” for students through a variety of guides and other resources. It is a non-profit initiative of Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS) Foundation.

National Union of Students - Green and Ethical Student Finance: The Green and Ethical Student Finance campaign is raising awareness of sustainable and responsible alternatives to high-street student accounts. 

Move Your Money: Compare student bank accounts with the Move Your Money Switching Scorecard. The Switch Score rates banks on their honesty, customer service, working culture, ethics and their support of the economy, using a variety of comparable indicators. 

Push Your Parents: Do your parents know what their pension fund is being used for? Pension funds may often invest in unsustainable energy production. The Push Your Parents campaign encourages students and their parents to take action against climate change by leveraging pension funds away from fossil fuels.